Sep. 19, 2018

BraveStarr The Legend Movie Hindi Free Download

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Marshal Bravestarr and a female judge are sent to New Texas, a frontier planet under attack by the evil cattle spirit Stampede, who, with his ruthless sidekick Tex Hex, are vying for control of the un

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original title: BraveStarr: The Legend

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Western

imdb: 7.1

duration: 1h 31min

keywords: nativeamerican, judge, shaman, outerspace, spaceopera, streetshootout, humanoid, technology, steer, slave, skeleton, serpent, robot, monster, mining, magic, flyingvehicle, fatherdaughterrelationship,


































When rare mineral that can produce incredible amounts of energy is discovered on a mostly uninhabited planet called New Texas, settlers and frontiersmen as well as outlaws arrive from all over space to find fortune. However, what they don't know is that a monstrous demonic spirit called Stampede, who looks like a bull, also lives there. Stampede puts feared outlaw Tex Hex under his control and starts collecting various dangerous outlaws for its supernatural army of minions that will take over the planet. Scared citizens send for help, so a highly capable Native American marshal called BraveStarr and a feisty, pretty and always fair female judge J. B. McBride arrive to investigate the attacks. BraveStarr soon finds allies - a wild alien sentient semi-anthropomorphic warhorse called Thirty-Thirty, who carries a powerful shotgun, a funny member of an alien mole-people race, who are master diggers and builders as well as the original natives of the planet, and a mysterious powerful Native American shaman, who is the only one who knows about Stampede, and who gives BraveStarr the power of the eyes of the Hawk, which enhances his vision, the ears of the Wolf, which gives him super-human hearing, the strength of the Bear, which gives him super-human strength and the speed of the Puma, which gives BraveStarr super-human speed. Even with all this powers and sidekicks, though, taking down Stampede could prove to be impossible. Marshal Bravestarr and a female judge are sent to New Texas, a frontier planet under attack by the evil cattle spirit Stampede, who, with his ruthless sidekick Tex Hex, are vying for control of the universe, one planet at a time. I got this tape sometime in the early 90s after the video vendor himself recommended it and it turned out to be fantastic. This was certainly Filmation's best cartoon and the movie itself is better than the Bravestarr series. The whole effort and theme was perhaps the most creative I've ever seen in any single cartoon and they were also pretty bold when it came to dark themes and violence. The opening sequence for the movie where the tribe is destroyed is amazing. With great characters, some fantastic villains and a nail biting story from start to finish, this movie is something that I personally feel that should not be missed by any fan of cartoons in general. Its too bad that it was so easily forgotten even though not many would have seen it in the first place. He-man was ending and filmation needed a new hit cartoon.

They created bravestarr to replace he-man. Mixing space and wild west shows into one.

fimation created a full series plus put a movie in the works. They took a big gamble on bravestarr. The movie would be the pilot to the series and would set everything up.

Animation for the film was really good and had a space ace/ dragons lair type feel to it.

It also used early computer effects.

Released in movie theatres in 1988 as bravestarr the movie, The film was a box office bomb in America. The show also failed on TV leading to the death of filmation studios! The film Would be retitled bravestarr the legend for it's uk release.

The movie would not get a VHS release in America. This helped kill the show more. Without the movie pilot, kids didn't get the history of the show the movie set up.

bci has announced bravestarr the movie will be getting an American DVD release next year.

The film is pretty good, and worth a watch when it gets released.


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